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Q: How much Voltage can handle?

Asked by songless_bird on 2021-09-20 18:43:00

The seller 4.8-8.4V

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Q: How much current (Amps) at 5v?

Asked by songless_bird on 2021-09-07 13:38:01

Gugman That is something I would not know about as the product does not come with any technical data sheet. The product description only shows Operating voltage: 4.8 - 6.8V Operating speed ( 5.0V ): 0.15 se... See More

2021-09-07 21:35:03 Helpful (0)
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Q: Where can i find a manual for programming the ESC?

Asked by songless_bird on 2021-09-06 10:58:26

The seller Hi,this esc do not have manual available,after you plug it in the power,you can refer to the back of program card to adjust,thanks for your suppprt

2021-09-09 03:09:01 Helpful (1)
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The seller Hi,this esc can work with 2-3S LiPo/5-7 Cell NiMH battery,you do not need to choose the battery type when you use

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Q: What size are the motor bullet connectors in mm?

Asked by songless_bird on 2021-09-01 17:13:02

The seller The motor bullet connector is 4.0mm

2021-09-04 01:53:39 Helpful (1)
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