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2021-05-07 01:54:21 (0)
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: what’s is the distance it can go

jimdonkat 2021-03-20 06:15:12

zapod1004 1.9 miles, also depends on your TX. I bind it to my TX16 it can go further.

2021-03-20 07:35:08 (1)
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eric.brasseur The original battery is a 400 mAh one. That's close to the 500 mAh one that you are using now so it should be OK; no much difference. Most importantly, when using a significantly heavier battery: you need to check the temperature of the motor. It's OK if it feels slightly hot. If it's burning hot, you're in trouble. Placing a heavier battery at the same place as the original one, changes the center of gravity of the plane. The flight controller will compensate but there is a limit. If you get in trouble with the stability, maybe shift the heavier battery a bit rearwards. Compare the position of the center of gravity with the original battery and with the heavier one. A heavier plane will fly faster, so crashes will have dearer consequences.

2021-03-30 06:36:26 (2)
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: if it is fast will it beat my 60 plus mph traxxas slash?

ssredneckgenral not age restricted 2020-02-29 08:33:38

jimdonkat What do you think for less then $20.

2021-03-30 07:19:56 (0)
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jimdonkat I call BS about flying this in 30 mph winds. I’ve flown all of the eachine warbirds and neither one can fly in anything over 10, period. don’t even try to fly in over 10 mph. That being said these are fantastic little flying planes that are very stable and responsive. I have 8 different banggood planes and love them all.

BG163654025 21/03/2021

jimdonkat Absolutely not to fly indoors unless it’s a super dome! Unless you are a professional you shouldn’t fly these anywhere but a big open area. No trees, houses, electric poles and wires, you need big open area. They have a range of 1200 feet. Fantastic little planes to fly in winds less then 10mph.

2021-03-20 01:12:12 (0)
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