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Q: What off-road tire can I use on the Laotie ES19 racer?

Asked by BG163237545 on 2021-09-24 04:59:22

mashingan1 To ride on off-road tyres, simply use tyres from es18

2022-03-31 10:56:38 Helpful (0)
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Q: controlador para es19...???

Asked by Marco Peixoto on 2022-03-17 01:06:05

mashingan1 Search on banggood, aliexpress. You will definitely find.

2022-03-24 07:26:07 Helpful (0)
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mashingan1 For me from the novelty drove max 85 km h. I achieved a speed of up to about 50 km h in the second gear of one engine. Turn on the two engines and set them to gear. Good luck!

2022-03-24 07:24:53 Helpful (0)
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Q: This seat can I use to X-Tron T88 5600W 60V ?

Asked by TommySthlm on 2022-01-22 04:46:55

mashingan1 I do not think so. I suggest you buy a saddle from LAOTIE Ti30 Landbreaker 60V or BOYUEDA 28.6AH 60V 5600W

2022-02-02 06:07:49 Helpful (0)
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Q: but should you upload?

Asked by BG203237392 on 2021-09-07 12:44:44

mashingan1 Jestem bardzo zadowolony z zakupu!

2021-11-29 11:49:52 Helpful (0)
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