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Q: venden la punta positiva de repuesto ?

Asked by BG401839542 on 2021-06-16 11:27:23

Hopentrust I don't see any links to spare tips but I am sure that one can make something oneself. :)

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Hopentrust Remember that the charging source is the sum total of the voltage over the two batteries. See this unit as an equalizing Voltage divider.

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Hopentrust You should read up more about batteries... There is nothing wrong with that reading. Is it new batteries? A battery balancer is NOT a battery charger. That reading clearly indicates that the batteries are still charging. If you have a faulty battery the balancer CANNOT fix the problem. You should test the batteries with a proper load tester - before and after charging. Check your charger - if the maximum voltage is too low or too you have problems with the charger.

Wessie 28/07/2022
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Q: is it zero-crossing or random-crossing device?

Asked by alex71m on 2020-09-06 11:01:13

Hopentrust It is for sure zero-crossing! It is a solid state switch - not a Triac without switching circuitry.

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Q: Qual o tipo de bateria a ser usada?

Asked by Guimaraes Marco on 2021-05-08 06:20:10

Hopentrust I cannot understand why people don't read the description! Are they just lazy?

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Q: Does this device measure milliampere?

Asked by yaggoqs on 2022-02-22 04:55:45

Hopentrust It has NO current shunt input so NO - it CANNOT measure any currents. Please read the descriptions about this instrument. See the specifications.

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Hopentrust Yes it will surely work with inductive loads.

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Q: What does it mean NCV feature ?

Asked by Bencsi on 2018-08-08 03:21:42

Hopentrust A very handy function to have!

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