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Q: Is this re-branded Quick 861 DE?

Asked by xxlguru on 2019-09-25 10:28:04

SDG_Electronics Almost. It's using the same internal components but has a different user interface and a slightly more powerful heater.

2019-09-26 04:18:25 Helpful (2)
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xxlguru 01/10/2019
To get it out of the way I took one star of the Appearance only because mine came with a bubble of air on the screen bezel and very small imperfections. Like one LED light is stronger and some other minor imperfections. And yes I know it is my OCD and not important. Even not important to me. Now not sure what is your potential usage but for me (soldering end some experimenting) this looks amazing. Now forget about 1x to 4x magnification rating for a second. It is surely applicable to something in the chain but real life performance is different. On it's own screen with holder mounted by the screen I still have over 10CM space in the top position. If the scope would be mounted on the bottom position there would be additional 8 CM space. Focusing is a dream. Moving the scope up and down is accurate enough and Focus ring it self is smooth and perfectly damped. Easy to use. Feels like a ring on the professional camera lens. At this position 1X magnification is enough for most of the work. In this position 1X is not same size as what you see as someone could start thinking when reading technical data. In this setting 5x5 millimeter chip takes 37x37 millimeters space on the scopes own screen. And that is 7.4x magnification for me/ if you ask me. At 4x magnification 5x5 millimeter chip is wider then a screen.It fills up whole screen and then some. Screen width is 110mm and hight is 61mm according to my PCB ruler. Chip size on the screen is then approximately 135mm and that is more like 27x magnification. With this magnification SC79 package is 47 millimeters wide on the screen. This is even to much for the work needed. At this magnification you can see the silkscreen printing process imperfections. My screen color calibration was very close. Screen does not hold it back and it is enough for the work. External screen will have even better picture and bigger magnification. Best microscope I have seen till now, in this form factor. Recommended!
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xxlguru 19/10/2019
Originally I've got KSGER finished soldering iron kit with K type tip and stock handle, but I have ordered kit for a black aluminum/aluminium handle. My motivation was that whole station with a tip costs almost as tip alone for my main station. Also I wanted to have T12 tip soldering iron as well. As it was my 3rd active tip setup (I have JBC and TS100) it was nice thing to compare and have ability to use Hakko tips. This left me with spare handle. So I thought I will get one of the controllers and build it in some other device. Thought about cheapest option but after having experience with my other KSGER I wanted latest version of hardware and OLED screen. I have soldered connector I have had from the handle kit onto this one and powered it up with my lab Power supply just to be able to test it. And it is as always excellent.Long click then menu option nr. 15 and changed it to English set it up as it suits me regarding to sleep, standby, voltage display etc. and tested it. OFC same performance with same controller and same handle and same tip. No wonder. I have ordered way over sized power supply and buck converter for different voltage. I will have more voltage outputs from the box that I am going to build for external PSU. I am not going to integrate this one in something else though. I am going to make as best as I can small case for this controller and pair of super caps to hold date and time. Still not sure am I going to make it from exotic hard wood or the Acrylic. Going all out on it what ever option I choose. Making a project out of it. Pulling my big guns and engraving it and all. Can't wait that other things are in from the Banggood. Excellent way and pretty cheap way to enter high quality world of T12 compatible Soldering Irons. If you have for example some hot air station you might find tons of space in it. 5 Bucks board 24V 4A from the Bang good and change common fuse with proper rating mount it all up. There you go rework station.
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