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BG101044924 i set the iron to 3 of 5, take a small piece of film and put on iron if it curls quick the iron is to hot

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Q: Does this support iBUS or Sbus?

Asked by BG441632144 on 2020-06-21 11:03:41

BG101044924 it support IBUS and SBUS

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Q: Does this kit come with a manual?

Asked by FHamoudi on 2018-07-12 07:10:51

BG101044924 photos of built here , insert 2 slash and 1 slash in space in link https: #!WVU32CbB!8m-MgbG_XTlpnGRNE0GvWju656OavvLTpGc_SR7JKpM

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BG101044924 I think not, I use a iron for shirt and I use setting for synthetic and about 10 sek if you have a iron try on a paper on Styrofoam and see if melting

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BG101044924 the link to the engine is Banggod fault, it is company from China and yes there is many plain who has bad translation and missing manual but the quality is good and the laser cut is perfect, just fit together Most balsa airplane kit are very cheap and I love them have many models from DW but not this plane

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Q: Watt ? pull g ?

Asked by papa on 2019-08-15 06:33:23

JensSorensen 2030g 444w 40A 12x6 propeller

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Q: what is the wheel diameter?

Asked by Kathy Guest on 2018-06-11 09:25:24

JensSorensen same question as Patricia, can I turn the wheel direction 90% , losses the 3mm axel and turn axel

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