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Q: how long is the usb cable ?

Asked by thatguy on 2018-01-12 04:52:05

giteart End to end with connectors, is 160cm

2018-05-16 03:53:45 Helpful (0)
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giteart Thanks for the review. I was going to buy this cause of the humidity indication but now I'll just get a cheaper one without humidity

Drazen 16/04/2018
I have been testing this device for approx. 3 weeks and can report on the function too. First, the positive aspects: - Very, very nice looking - simple, very decorative - The voice function is interesting and probably, it saves the battery life (I could not test the battery life, since my other clocks have batteries lasting for 3+ years), but, till now, it works. One can drive it directly per USB adapter (adapter not included, only the cable) which may partly solve the problem. - The 3 different light intensities of the display make it quite well adjustable and for most occasions, so it looks again very nice – especially since one cannot see any display when not switched on. Optics are really outstanding. Very negative aspects: - The biggest problem to me: the measuring of the humidity is “a joke”. IT DOES NOT WORK. It shows a slight tendency, but it is far away from any real values. I was measuring in a nearly 100% humidity bathroom (I have there another professional appliance which measures quite exact) and this appliance from Banggood showed just 57%. Then, in the room, where the humidity went below 35% or in the bath, after I forced it under 25% with my power-dehumidifier, it just went to 44%. This is a function which does not work at all. Unfortunately, I bought it mostly because of this function. - Also a big problem: You cannot close the battery box when the batteries are inside. I am using really a top brand (Sony) and it just does not go. I am technically experienced and will try to grind the inner surface with a dentist tool, but most of the customers WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE IT WITH BATTERIES, or the BATTERIES WILL FALL OUT. This is bad. - The Menu is very complicated and, if you want to adjust the alarm, you will need to surf through many steps escorted with loud “PEEPs”, which are very annoying in the night, when others already sleep. Slightly negative aspects: - The user manual is very poor – not clear what is meant, bad English, a manual “just to be there”, not more. You need to do it by try & error. - No feet on the appliance so it slips easily (but this is not a big issue and I have installed some rubber feet by myself). NOT RECOMMENDED except only as a DECORATIVE CLOCK driven by adapter directly from the net.
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