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nakagawaya hey what is up guys in today's video we're gonna be testing the - RC ESC now this is a budget stack that's recently been released from a new name company and we're gonna be testing the ESC along with or just comparing it with the eye flight budget ESC which is the I fly sucks XE 45 amp and also the Mamba f50 which is also a budget ESC lineup from diatone so we're gonna see how well this stacks up because the - RC stack is a really really reasonable price I think around 60 bucks which has like a nine volt regulator bluetooth f7 and also a success ESC which is pretty insane so we're gonna see how well the ESC part stacks up was both the low E star capacitor and without lowest our capacitor compared to the other budget ones so with that being said everything is linked down below if you could check those out those do greatly support the channel guys and also the timestamps are down below so if you want to skip to it or part of the video you could go ahead and do that so with that being said let's go ahead and get started PCB weighs one of the leading PCB manufacturers out there and it is the manufacturer I use for my products now if you're either hobbyist and/or looking to create a final product PCB way is going to be a really great choice with their 24 hour and also assembly services so go ahead and check the links down below so now we're going to take a look at the throttle noise level test now the way this works is I take the reading at each startle level we have 10% throttle 25 50 75 hundred percent throttle and I run these for one second each and we could see the noise reading right here now the thing you always want to look out for is you want to see this as thin as possible because this is your main battery voltage actually fluctuating up and down which is something you don't want and that's what's called noise so one number we always like to look at is the peak to peak here now the peak to peak on this is 16 volts this is the - RC here with no capacitor the bott

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Q: why there are no box wrench?

Asked by nakagawaya on 2020-01-04 07:25:33

semihsahin45 bilmiyorum

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Q: Please give me wiring dialog of camera pins.

Asked by nakagawaya on 2018-02-23 10:55:24

Della The product page with the wiring dialog.

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