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Rodders Detailed and useful review. Thanks mate

antimix 01/10/2021
Just received. The machine seems solid and good, not plastic or thin bendable aluminium as many others. It is well manufactured. The belt seems to be stable during rotation, where on other models the belt jumps outside the rolls. Some pictures do not correspond exactly on what you get. The real machine arrives with a 3 position switch BACKWARDS-OFF-FORWARD that can control also the direction of the belt. Moreover there is an additional metal support for upper belt, so you can use to angulate objects when sanded either on the vertical section of the belt or on the upper horizontal section. There is also an additional screw if you want to replace the big yellow knob with a solid screw. You get also an hexagon angular tool to block the screws. I fixed the metal angular supports with the two screws and just stored the yellow know in a hole for future need. The shipped power supply is labelled 24V 8.5A max, that is more than enough for the 5A motor power. Other devices on the market are shipped with weak 5A only power supply. The AC cable plug is US, and they supply and adapter; however you can easy replace it with one cable from your country as they are the same used for PCs. There are no other accessories included: the external grinder wheel and the external spindle that are seen in the user manual booklet are optional and not enclosed in the box. The external rod diameter where such devices can be attached is 5 mm. Overall it seems one of the best devices on the market. Just looking around you can see how many low quality / low value devices there are, and you can immediately appreciate the difference using this device.
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