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tomasweiner 11/09/2020
The package was delivered undamaged. The plane is looking nice and the all electonics including gyro-stabilization seems to be working properly. The maiden flight is planned later because I need to fix one or two possible problems at the first: 1) The elevator have very small up and down movements when compared with the rudder (in non-stabilized expert mode as well as in all three modes…). There is an opening near aileron servo on the lower side of the plane which enable to observe rudder and elevator servos. In my p51, the steel wire of rudder is connected on the second pinhole in the servo lever, but the elevator is connected on the first pinhole of the servo lever (more closer to the servo). This is probably the cause of small elevator movement. I have attached the photograph, which show the same detail in my p51 and the same detail of the machine reviewed by Brian Phillips. In the p51 of Brian Phillips are both first pinholes of rudder/elevator servo levers free and both rudder and elevator must be connected on the second pinhole (more distant to the servo). I am afraid I will be not able to fly this plane safely with a such small elevator movement. Please can someone advice me how to fix this problem without cutting into the airplane? I think this is a manufacturing error… 2) The moving surfaces of ailerons are connected to the wing by the very thin epp with many cracks and chaotic holes (epp connections of rudder and elevator looks better in my p51D). Maybe it will be necessafry to fix them better but I am not sure. As judged from photographs in various reviews here, other Eachine mini Mustangs seem to have slightly more thick epp in aileron connections. The product photographs show alternation of epp strips and strips without epp in the aileron connection. Please can someone advice me some suitable foam glue which is sufficiently flexible for fixing aileron connection (enabling easy aileron movement)? I would be grateful for all advices (see photographs..)
tomasweiner 03/10/2020
The package arrived almost undamaged. The polysterene case was slightly cracked but despite this, the microscope and all parts were undamaged. In generall, the microsocope is working nicely. There are several things which are not ideal for me and might be better: 1) I received the US power plug which is not used in the Czech Republic. I replaced a new plug in the circular light and bought a new power adapter for the camera. 2) The four rubber buttons on the lower side of the base were not in the same plane so the stand was slightly swaying. One of the rubber buttons had its hole more deeply cut in the base so I added a metal washer to partly repair this. Other way how to fix this problem might be to slightly cut the rubber buttons. 3) The computer software (USB connection) for the camera do not allow to manually set the exposure, white ballance and ISO number. The menu of the camera allow to set only slight exposure correction and white ballance correction (only if connected via hdmi). Despite this, all attempts to change white ballance in the camera were unsuccesfull and all images have the same color tone in various white ballance settings (white ballance settings seems to be not working properly). The fact that the camera do not allow full resolution (34 megapixel) images via USB to the computer I consider as very limiting. I hope that all these things (manual exposure, white ballance, full resolution via USB...) will be modified and upgraded in a new (forthcomming) models of microscope camera and software. 3) The thread for auxilliary lens seem to be made rather inaccurately (slightly crooked) and I am afraid it will have rather short lifetime if auxilliary lens replaced often. 4) The stand is slightly unstable if the arms are set to the maximum extent but this can be easily fixed by adding some weight on the base...General comment: Despite all slight disadvantages mentioned above, I am happy with this product. I would recommend to buy it.

ari33 As above.. Mode 2. Pretty much all RTF (Ready to Fly) RC planes are. I guess you could probably change the TX to mode 4 if you had some DIY soldering skills and able to swap the corresponding potentiometer and trim switch wires over.

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