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Kenno 23/11/2019
I was worried this might be junk. It's not. It's very well designed and built. They have looked after the details. All the lead screws are lubricated, the packaging was done with care and both the package and the product are well designed and sturdy. There are four nuts and bolts to put on, but it's no great ordeal, even an extra nut and bolt included, in case you drop one -- you know you will. The X&Y axis controls are, of course, steppers used in CD drives etc. The print range is 80mm x 80mm as advertised. As they rightly say, it's a hobby engraver in speed, but 3000mW is a lot of laser power relative to those of a few years ago. Connecting the device: The worst part. It comes with drivers for Win and Mac. I couldn't get it to connect on a Mac Mini, c. 2006 with the latest macOS. Windows 10 Pro. Thinking my problem was mostly software, I went here and used the manual install script and drivers. It may have been the USB cable, but it did come online after lots of fussing. Be careful! This is not a toy -- it only looks like one. 445–465 nm – InGaN blue laser multimode diode, 400–780 nm Risks: photochemical damage to the retina, retinal burn CLASS 4 LASER PRODUCT. Class 4 is the highest and most dangerous class of laser, including all lasers that exceed the Class 3B AEL. By definition, a class 4 laser can burn the skin, or cause devastating and permanent eye damage as a result of direct, diffuse or indirect beam viewing. Indium gallium nitride (InGaN, InxGa1−xN) is a quantum heterostructure semiconductor material made of a mix of gallium nitride (GaN) and indium nitride (InN). It is a ternary group III/group V direct bandgap semiconductor. Its bandgap can be tuned by varying the amount of indium in the alloy. InxGa1−xN has a direct bandgap span from the infrared (0.69 eV) for InN to the ultraviolet (3.4 eV) of GaN. 400–780 nm (visible).
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