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rpax 16/08/2020
Not a bad little unit for the price. The aesthetics dont live up to the pictures in the ad description, but its pretty good. I purchased the 3 battery version which came with one battery inside the fuselage and the other 2 stowed in the battery compartment of the transmitter. The batteries are small 380 mAh 1S LiPo's with micro JST connectors. A USB charger is supplied, which does the job for charging, but nothing is included to storage charge the batteries. The item arrived relatively promptly for me (in Australia) despite the worldwide logistics disruptions due to COVID-19 (a couple of weeks). It was well packaged with a sturdy cardboard box and styrene protecting the contents effectively. The plastics in general seem quite flimsy - but not unexpected at this price point. The Gyro stabilisation and stunt buttons work as described. It handles quite well in the air, but i wouldn't consider this a beginner plane. It will also struggle in anything stronger than a light breeze. Its very lightweight, so will struggle on anything but the shortest grass (or hard surfaces) for takeoffs and landings. Go ahead on purchase additional propellor protector mounts as they are fragile. Mine broke on the second outing. Here's the link: Overall a decent little warbird for the price and with the availability of spares to keep it in the air (which you'll need).

: Where can I buy wheels for this car?

Pierre 2019-07-25 02:12:05

rpax The Part Number is 538407. Search for this part number online. Low stocks are also currently available on Banggood and AliExpress.

2020-11-01 07:05:42 (0)
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: Where can I buy wheels for this car?

SusanM 2019-11-30 12:48:32

rpax Wheels are difficult to find for this buggy. The part number is 538407, but there's not a lot of supplies out there. Be careful if ordering a aftermarket set of wheels as there appears to be little if any offset on them. If you want to keep the same dimensions, you'll want a wheel with a fairly deep dish in order to clear the steering hub.

2020-11-01 06:59:26 (1)
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rpax Tire width: 36mm Tire height: 16mm Wheel Radius: 27mm I got these wheels with a Raptor 53632. The look pretty - but the plastic beadlocks are rubbish. I would not recommend these wheels.

2020-11-01 05:08:23 (0)
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rpax Assuming you meant one of the front tires - you can purchase a replacement set of front wheels here: I havent seen any listing for replacements for the tail wheel.

2020-09-03 08:11:27 (0)
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