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BG193217494 04/12/2019
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BG193217494 I just got mine, no manual. Center of gravity is between 20-30% of the mean aerodynamic chord. Since this is a square wing at the fuselage and calculate the length. Once you have this number it should be on or real close to the spar.

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BG193217494 I just got mine. The quality is really good. The moldings are nice and well formed. The wing is very still and won’t need struts. The landing gear is single wire as opposed to the dual strut in some of the pictures. The most annoying part of it is that the stickers are peeling off. They will most likely need a light pass with a trim iron. The battery over is a lift off nose and this should fly for days on a 2212.

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Q: Are there optional floats available for this plane? Thanks.

Asked by Grant on 2020-06-28 03:54:05

BG193217494 It looks like the floats from the HZ super cub lp would work but a rear mount would need to be fabricated.

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Q: is it proportional control?

Asked by captputt on 2019-07-01 07:16:17

Steve No. Steering has three positions left, center and right. Throttle has 5. Stop, slow forward, slow reverse, fast forward, fast reverse. The water cannon has on and off.

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