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Q: will this work with a 2s battery 500 to 800 mah

Asked by BG141522105 on 2020-11-28 12:56:13

Revnik  Working voltage: 3.6V-4.2 V so no. But with a BEC-circuit (ie. on an ESC) at 5.0V it will work, straight 2S voltage will fry it.

2020-12-04 04:04:52 Helpful (0)
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Q: WHat is the weight including 10cm wires ? Is it sold with wires ?

Asked by Bruce Aie on 2019-08-06 02:46:40

Revnik 4.13 grams with the wires, just weighted one from my stash to answer this question :)

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Q: "Angle of Rotation: Up to 180°" on a LINEAR servo?

Asked by Revnik on 2020-02-04 06:40:10

Daisy linear mode

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Q: It is compatible with my FrSky Taranis X9D control?

Asked by Jose Lisandro Lopez on 2019-10-30 12:00:19

Revnik Purchased one and it bound onmy X9D on D8 mode (if I remember it right).

2019-12-19 07:38:00 Helpful (0)
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Revnik Worksfine for me with my X9D Plus SE, 'course you need to flash it with NonEu firmware to get the D8-mode working.

Zeroeight 10/11/2019
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Q: Any idea of the range?

Asked by Revnik on 2019-09-21 02:15:38

Laurie I think this is the same receiver as the one in the Dancing Wings Ice Cream. If so, the range has not ever been a problem for me with the Ice Cream. I have flown it indoors and outside. If you search on YouTube "dancing wings ice cream" you will see my videos and see that I fly quite far away at times. It's a very small plane, so you can't go too far and still keep it in sight, but I imagine all planes using this gear would have to be small.

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