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Q: what amperage ??

Asked by BG199381515 on 2020-08-14 10:46:08

Attila This motor works up to 12V. It has a consumption of 150W. So when we calculate 150 we divide by 12 we get more than 14 amps. If you want a battery, I only recommend a car battery with at least 55AH. so you can use for a few hours. Or you need to provide a powerful power supply of at least 15 A. It has a high consumption and it will not work on a small flashlight.

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Q: Hi, is this a permanent magnet motor?

Asked by antoncroes on 2022-03-13 04:08:15

Attila Dear Sir Yes it is a magnet motor with a commutator. It has 2 pcs. carbon contacts. High power high speed. I have been using a mini CNC machine and it has been working for more than 2 years. I am extremely satisfied with that. It has one disadvantage. There is only a bearing on one side, so sometimes it needs to be lubricated with a fine and small amount of oil. It works perfectly. Banggood sent me the perfect goods.

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davidcherubin Arduino ide doesn't automatically have this board. You have to add it. You need to open Arduino IDE, choose File-->Preferences and then add this URL: into the section that says: Additional Boards Manager (urls), save or OK, Then you have to go to Tools--> Boards Manager and add 8266 to the list of boards. If you are not sure, try this step by step tutorial at

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Q: Can this driver drive dc motors foward and reverse?

Asked by Steve Tripoli on 2019-02-20 09:28:58

Attila Steve this driver is uneven yes it works both right and left. I personally made a self-balancing robot and it works flawlessly. Also a sun tracker on a solar panel. It also works fantastically. So there is a wide range of applicability and yet it is a very small part. I have already tried a 4-wire stepper motor which also worked perfectly. I wish you much success.

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Attila Have a nice day. You asked why such a powerful driver? It is simple. This is to keep the controller from heating up unnecessarily so a stronger controller is given. Even if someone wants a stronger solar panel, they don't have to change to a stronger one. A power reserve is always needed. It's like a music amplifier. The stronger the amplifier, the cleaner the player plays at low power. There is also a certain reserve. I wish you much success and good health.

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Q: consigo por o módulo laser da sculpfun s9?

Asked by Miggiolaro on 2021-12-19 06:29:52

Attila Hello. It always depends on the power of the laser. When the driver degrades such power as it is intended so you can connect it. I also have a lasser engraving machine where I had a 500MW laser. The laser burned out so I bought a 5000MW laser. Warning. Never use the laser at max. power. The laser diode does not withstand long use for max. Use laser power up to 75 percent. Add extra cooling with a side fan to the laser. Then the laser lasts a long time. I wish you good luck.

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Q: can I run 1hp motor pump by this product?

Asked by BG561841735 on 2022-01-05 10:51:20

Attila Motor pump no. The inverter is not built. Max 400W but not motor. TV notbuk radio, led lighting recharging phone battery. You need a more powerful inverter to start the motor. It is excellent for smaller appliances. I wish you good luck.

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