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pdosmith 13/02/2023
In summary I am pleased with this keyboard and think it represents good value for money. Strengths It is a substantial, solidly built keyboard. It is rigid and the rubber, non-slip feet hold it firmly in place, essential for a fast typist. The keyswitches(Green, linear) are excellent. They are silky smooth, have just the right amount of travel and have a satisfying sound. I don't do fancy lighting effects and simply turned the colours to white at maximum brightness. I was happy with the result. The braided cable was long enough but I wish it was more flexible. The hot-swappable optical keyswitches allow one to customize the keyboard to one's tastes and this is a great strength. For example, I ordered and received Gaiteron Blue switches because I like the clicky, tactile effect. But the linear switches(Green) are so silky smooth that I am not sure I will change over. The lovely thing about this keyboard is that it allows me to change my mind. Weaknesses. I could not get the software to work. This is major carelessness on the part of the manufacturer. The characters on the key caps lack the crisp clarity that I like. This is disappointing. The brightness of the light that shines through the translucent characters is only just adequate. Disappointing. Because of these disappointments I ordered the Icecream keycap set. This illustrates what I think is the great strength of this keyboard. It's quality and reasonable price makes it an excellent platform for customization. You will only really know what you want and like by trying it out. Then you can get the ideal cap set and switch set that meets your needs. This is what I am doing and I am very happy with the result.
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