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Rayle624 09/07/2021
A very good electric screwdriver package! A great time saver and quality of life improvement if you work on electronics or anything else with many small screws. It has a very slim profile and is comfortable to hold. Operation is easy as it only has two buttons; one for clockwise and counter clockwise operation. It doesn't have much torque and needs help when it comes to undoing tight screws, but the wonderful thing about it is that the head locks in place and can be turned like a regular screwdriver! I use this to loosen those tough screws and then press the button to let it do the rest of the work. You can also use it to hand tighten screws if you want them to be extra snug. The kit comes with 51 bits that will service most modern electronics, a very heavy non-slip base to rest the screwdriver in, a case, a magnetic screw mat, a magnetizer/demagnetizer, a charging cable, and a small opening pick and suction cup for opening phones up for repair. Personally I would use a larger suction cup, but it could do the job. It's an extra piece I wasn't expecting. The screwdriver has a few bright LEDs in the head that help light up your working area. They turn on when you press one of the drive buttons and help light up your working area. Pretty convenient! The only thing that could be better with it would be for it to have a toggle switch. Since it only lights up when you press one of the drive buttons, you can't light the area beforehand if you're having trouble seeing where the screw needs to go. However, if you use the included magnetizer and magnetize the tip you're using it will do a good job at holding the screw in place while you use the buttons to see where the screw needs to go. All in all, an excellent screwdriver. It's fairly priced and is a great all-in-one solution. My brother had to get one for himself after trying mine out! I don't hardly use my manual screwdriver after getting this. The battery lasts for a long time and only takes about 2 hours to charge!
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