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phil Moreinfo is needed, weight of plane and wing area. But I use and get all sorts of info for different rc set ups.

2019-11-09 06:11:50 (1)
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: how can i use the osd ?

zoumx 2019-07-07 05:47:19

Dave thevideo out wire of cam gets connected/soldered to the video in of (OSD supported) Flight controller and the video in wire of cam goes to to video out of Flight controller. If your lucky and you can use the cameras connector to hook up to your Flight controller with everything going/connected to were it should, you can just cut the looped wire which connects the vid in and vid out on the camera and this then allows the video signal to go through the osd of the flight controller. The looped yellow wire on the connector allows the camera to function by itself (no osd of course) by feeding the video signal straight from camera to the vtx on the back of camera.

2019-07-08 06:56:06 (0)
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