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Q: Is this model Expanded Poly Styrene, coffee cup foam?

Asked by Hobbyboy on 2022-11-13 05:58:14

Scott1231 Well yes it is.

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Hobbyboy 19/03/2024
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Hobbyboy When setting up a plane with a Gyro. you need to plug in and leave the plane alone. Don't move it or try not too. Any gyro needs time to center itself. Also check the push rod and servo control horn. it could be hitting something or to tight. Some servos jitter because of feedback from the rx or interference.

BG171941104 05/09/2023
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Hobbyboy I've been using Jx servossince they came out. I have never had any issue with these servos. I've used Them in chuck gliders, lidl gliders and a bunch of scratch build planes. I have never had an issue!

MrMarek 19/05/2016
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Hobbyboy 21/06/2023
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Q: Is the BLUE plane in the first photo real?

Asked by apoormarksman on 2018-06-14 01:10:59

Hobbyboy Yes, they are both real!

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