davereap late review... this is a great model, the tube mount was not so successful, it needed more downthrust .. simply fit the internal horizontal brace and a foam block on which you fix the motor.. a 1400 3s and a hextronic, or sunnysky motor are enough to get the COG and give power to get it up.. It glides well and on its first outing it caught a thermal and went very high.., full down and left had it spiralling down slowly with no stress...definitely a recommended model..... davereap

davereap 05/06/2018
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davereap edit later review... the 3mm bands are too thick, little stretch.. and the size is 13mm i.d. not 23mm as in reality these are no good... get 2mm rings at about 16-18mm id for an easier fit.....davereap

davereap 28/04/2018
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