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ruevs 2018-04-30 13:42:56
The XANES HX2 XP-G2 S3 is a well built solid aluminum flashlight that claims "IP68" and "60m" water resistance. In my review I will compare it to the Nitecore HC30 which is a classic in this form factor. Size: The Xhanes is physically longer, thicker and heavier than the HC30. The Nitecore weighs 44.5g and the Xanes 84g without battery. In the photos you can see how much thicker the tube wall of the Xanes is. Construction: The Xanes is made of only the head and the tube sealed to each other with two o-rings. The Nitecore has a head, a tube (single o-rings), a cap at the end of the tube and a switch. Overall the Xanes should be more water resistant in extreme cases. Battery: Takes a protected 18650 without problem. Control: The light turns on when the tube is screwed in all the way and the non-anodized face makes contact with the PCB. There are no modes - only full power. It is very bright and therefore will not be useful in situations where dimmer light may be needed. What is more the battery will always be drained at "maximum" speed. The Nitecore on the other hand has 5 brightness levels (including a very useful 1lm mode), SOS, strobe and beacon. The trade off is the need for a switch. Use as a head lamp: The head bands of both lights are identical in design, but the Xanes is too heavy to be comfortably worn as a headlight in my opinion. Beam shot and brightness: On the included beam shot the Xanes is non the left and the HC30 on the right. The Xanes has a narrower but a bit brighter spot. This is expected since its reflector is deeper. Overall the flash light is nice if you can only need full power - for example diving if if really is 60m water resistant.
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