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: can you turn off the lines?

simon hawkes 2020-11-11 11:50:41

Stevesteve Yes you can. By digging out the potting on the rear of the camera you gain access to the circuit board and its got solder pads you connect to ground to active options. You can turn off the lines, mirror the image and also flip the image. In my case I turned off the lines and also flipped the image as my camera is mounted upside down on the underside of my bumper. Its as simple as soldering in a jumper wire between the relevant pad and the ground of the camera and then re potting it in silicone to re seal it. Mine has bee moisture free in the very wet UK for a year and a half now which also means the lens in the front of the unit is factory sealed properly too. The camera sees well in low light and also has very little low light noise in the image, daylight quality is very good for a micro CMOS camera, if mine ever fails I will buy the same one again as its been great and blends in very well on the black plastic trim of the bottom skirt on a bumper and that location also works very well for getting really close to thing's.

2021-01-28 07:31:51 (0)
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: what is it range

sujalshaw92 2018-07-16 10:55:01

Stevesteve The person who said range is the 400-450m doesn't know what they are talking about, I've been out to 2 miles on one of these and also to roughly 4000ft in altitude.

2020-09-24 06:58:34 (0)
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Stevesteve There is probably no picture because its an AHD camera, its a specific protocol and not compatible with fpv gear.

2020-09-22 07:02:34 (0)
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Blenno phobia V56 motherboard screen debugging mode: 1 Press menu plus 1147---screen parameter setting---modify screen parameter ID, If it is changed to black screen, keep pressing to the right, it can be restore, do not shut down, do not exit. V56 motherboard to the screen: Press the menu plus 1147---screen parameter settings---modify the last English letter starting with M, you can change the screen display.

2020-06-17 09:22:42 (0)
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Stevesteve The multiprotocol module will talk to just about any receiver out there with the exception of a small number of the very cheap toys which use obscure protocols but new versions of the multi firmware are being released all the time to add more and more of the toy grade craft but all hobby grade stuff is already supported. The firmware on the multi protocol internal module is not a radiomaster product, its an open source development by a person called pascalleanger and his github page can be found by googling pascallanger multiprotocol. His github page also contains a link to the multiprotocol thread on rc groups.

2020-05-19 06:25:53 (0)
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zhult4s Itis an excellent product finished well and of excellent quality, and you pay for the quality

2020-04-24 07:36:40 (0)
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Stevesteve yes, all that matters is the voltage, as long as you nimh pack is the correct voltage it will be fine

2020-04-12 09:37:01 (0)
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