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giottodiotto 16/02/2018
Ordered a BLFQ8, came one week sooner as expected! The lamp is very powerfull, has RAMPING so you can set the light output just by pressing on the blue lighted button and chooose the desired lightlevel from a wide range, also its possible to reprogram the lamp to work with fixed output levels, my other lamp has this butt i like the rampng feature more on this lamp! The COLOR of light is allso more accurate real 'WHITE' similar as DAYLIGHT at NOON on a summers day, the 'THRUNITE MINI30 2016 has a greenisch tint in the middle, this is not a problem but in direct comparison its noticeble, BOTH lights are really great, with pretty identical light output, however on TURBO the newer BLF gives indeed almost DOUBLE light output, wich can make a difference of course, BIG difference is that this light runs the four batteries in PARALLEL while the thrunite does this in SERIES, so with the BLF you can run with 1 to 4 batteries, the Thrunite must run with al four batteries inserted, time will tel witch option is the best, PARALLEl operation should in theorie be a bit safer, however the Quality of batteries is likely more inportend, allways use HIGH quality, HIGH DRAIN types, so this ads up to the price of both of these units, The Thrunite has been working as my main room lighting every day from the start of 2016, so for 10 hours nonstop on 450 Lumen { middle output} and been doeing this flawlesly'the lamp stays cool and whit a BETTER quality of lighting than my former used 220 volts household lamps! I bought the thrunite to switch completetely over to "12 volt"lighting and recharge the batteries from my SOLAR setup powered by 200 watts Panels, even in winter i have enough power to run other devices! The BLF Q8 i bought to work in other rooms and for outdoor use, but was also curious if the promised quality and power was there, i can honestly say YES, when you need a kind of HIGH POWERED lamp buy this, you will not regret it.