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BG223255491 20/05/2021
Very good product, solid, quite sober and small. Do as I ask, I walk slowly. Easy to use. No engine noise, very little carpet friction, from 0.8 to 6 km/h with levels of 0.1. Disadvantages: - Everything is done from the remote control, you can't do anything without (no other buttons outside the On/Off), so when it will be hs more carpet...? - With each change of gear and other functions, a Beep is issued, at night it wakes everyone up. Apart from these little details, the carpet is perfect for me. - No references on the eye to buy? Advantages: - The carpet is made of aluminium alloy metal, well finished and pleasant. - The carpet is relatively quiet, (the fan of my laptop makes more noise) except when I walk on the carpet, my steps and shoes make more noises. - It can be stored under the bed (1.35mx0.50mx0.22m in the front and 0.11m in the back) - Very good value for money. - The notice is in English but translation via Google is easy. - The carpet arrived pre-set, I had nothing to do except pairing with the remote control. - The synchronization with the remote control is as in the description. - Carpet wide enough to walk with feet apart (one next to the other) and run simply and gently (scoot). - There are stable feet under the carpet, no vibrations, even at shocks and the carpet does not move from the ground. - Very well packed and good reception with follow-up. - Ultra fast shipment: ordered on May 14,2021 arrived on May 20,2021 from China. Conclusion: - I recommend the seller who has kept his promises and answered all my questions. - Carpet really not expansive. - To see in time. - Little doubt: what will happen when the remote is down? - I have n't seen a remote on sale... - I am very satisfied with my purchase which suits me despite everything, I walk only and slowly, it is perfect when it rains, when I am tired, when it is too hot outside, When I work at the computer I can walk under the table. A tip, take a small pair of tennis only reserved for the carpet, so the carpet does not get dirty. Have a nice walk!

BG223255491 Bonjour, il faut connecter la télécommande au tapis. Pour faire l'appairage il faut 1) allumer le tapis (onoff) 2) attendre que CHE s'affiche sur l'écran 3) appuyer sur la touche + de la télécommande durant au moins 3 secondes jusqu'au '' Bip'' 4) au petit' 'Bip'' on peut utiliser la télécommande en appuyant sur la touche du milieu 5) un décompte de type 3, 2, 1 et ça démarre s'effectue sous la forme de 3333 2222, 1111, puis démarrage à 0.8 km par heure, le tapis commence à tourner. Bonne marche !

2021-05-20 05:22:04 (2)
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BG223255491 07/01/2021

BG223255491 Bonjour,est-ce qu'elle parait fragile ? La licence w10 est-elle officielle ou doit-on l'acheter par la suite ?

boutik12 07/05/2019