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Q: è originale Xiaomi?

Asked by nemesimic on 2020-10-24 07:33:17

TriggeredANON si

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BG515147171 Iwould assume that it would work on any USB C device, and the charging speed - wattage, would be dictated by the device first, I have had no issues with any device I have used, while I have no experience with the P30 Pro at all, it has been used on Galaxy A50, S20 and many other C devices (headphones, screwdriver) all charging up to the device limit, 10-15w for the phones

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BG515147171 There are 3 separate pieces. Backpack, 'devices' bag , then the last one is about the size for like pens.

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Q: Hi, This is compatible with Smart TV Samsung?

Asked by BG223255735 on 2021-03-09 06:03:37

BG515147171 unlikely, it requires an USB for the receiver

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Q: AORUS Republic of gamers? What

Asked by Michael on 2021-04-22 12:32:40

BG515147171 Aorus is the top tier gaming line of computer products by Gigabyte (Ram, GPU, case, monitor, everything)

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