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Jason 10/09/2020
The Tiny Hawk Freestyle 2 is honestly fantastic! Why is this an excellent quad for beginners and experienced alike? Well here are some of the pros and very few cons: Durability - this little quad can take a beating with no problem. The Avon props that come stock are highly durable. I have never broken one prop in spite of shooting a tiny gap and hitting a metal pole or accidentally hitting a tree at full force. The carbon fiber frame is excellent and you won’t have to worry if you are new and slam it into anything. Sound - The highly durable Avon props are also very quiet and won’t cause a lot of noise while you are whipping this quad around your yard. Additionally, the 7000kv motors while remaining quiet, have great punch. Beginner friendly - The factory tuning was surprisingly good. For anyone starting out this is a very gentle entry and you will have fun right away. There is also room for growth! So, once you start making progress you can make some easy adjustments on betaflight and still have a great time. Batteries: The 2 included batteries are easy to charge with the included charger so there’s a lot less stress than with the larger lipos. However, 2 batteries does not mean you can fly on just 1 battery. You will need to run both batteries simultaneously or make a PH 2.0 redundant pin with an old battery connector. Packaging: The little case was really nice. It will fit all the extra props, the 2 batteries (you are going to need to buy a lot more), a charger, spare hardware and if you remove the foam the quad will fit without removing the installed props (see picture). Room for Improvement: This is a massive improvement from THFS1. However, there is yet some room for improvements. Like the THFS1 you will need a beeper. without one finding the THFSII in y’all grass or brush can be a challenge. The diapole antenna is durable but pretty much garbage. So you can replace the vtx or for a little improvement you can solder in a better antenna.
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Jason From the picture you display it looks like you did not receive a bad motor but rather a Counter Clock-wise motor. Which is done to make your assembly easier and in theory you just need to plug it into the port and start flying. If you need to reverse you can go into blheli and reverse the direction.

BG324845401 15/07/2021
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Q: Does this work on both 25000kv and 19000kv motors ?

Asked by helifreak on 2021-12-13 08:39:49

Jason The kv of the motor is different from the bell size. If your motor is a 0802 brushless motor you can buy this from RDQ. The kv size doesn’t matter.

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Q: what is the max distance range can go ?

Asked by meshal on 2021-08-23 12:44:31

Jason With the built in steady view diversity and stock antennas you can get maybe a few hundred meters away. For long range you will want to upgrade your antennas and make sure you are facing the direction of your craft. And for long long range stuff you will want to look at HDzero module with high gain antennas

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Jason That’s a real special question because the flight controller and esc stack do not have anything to do with video transmission or reception. In short the answer is no. For a further explanation please research the purpose of a VTX and a VRX. Hope this is helpful and you enjoy the hobby and goggles!

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