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ujjwaana MiHome App picks up the Current time from then NTP/Internet Time Server and only follows the Times Zone selected by your phone and NOT the Time. This is the reason my Clock is showing 30 Mins behind my local time which is GMT 5:30 . Time Zones which are Whole 1 hours plus / minus are fine ....

KJ5111 2019-05-21 07:45:54
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ujjwaana Flomac{|}This is a store located in China - next to factories which make these goodies. And They send you items 10,000 miles , for almost free - Without Amazon Prime Fee for free shipping. So better learn to wait. Few of my items (2-3 out of 100) did get get lost, for which Banggood sent a replacement with upgraded shipping. So their customer Support is absolutely great

Flomac 2017-11-22 22:09:50
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ujjwaana 1. Download Impluse RC USB Fixer : Press the Boot Button and Insert the USB connector . Release the button.3. Run the Impulse RC USB Fixer. It will find the FC and Fix the Driver. 4. Now close the Fixer Software, remove the USB, Launch Beta Flight, Press the Boot button and Insert the USB.5. You will see "DFU" in Beta Floght. Now flash the latest Firmware and enjoy

Nightstone 2017-10-23 19:08:07
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