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Q: questa rx è compatibile con modulo R9M 2019?

Asked by lessio22 on 2022-05-09 02:40:59

Needlez Hello, I've heard that this is a popular item fer functionality ? I wouldn't know. I haven't had any success in getting a single drone up in the air yet. I live in South Gate, California and it seems there are no pilots out here and I'm guessing less in builders. Yeah, no. My apologies fer I have no answer fer ya . But if you find anything out or yer opinion on how it worked fer you, let me know ? What is a R9M 2019 module, will I need one or is it contagious ?

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Ambrosial for 6S Version, recommend 18650 lithium-ion battery

2022-06-06 06:17:56 Helpful (0)
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David_Perez Estimado piloto, te aconsejo que mas que una pregunta... deberías interponer una reclamacion ó devolución del producto, facilitando todos los datos de tu compra, número de pedido fotos del producto recibido con información de la etiqueta de envío etc. ponte en contacto con el servicio técnico o con la ayuda online para poder dar solución a este evidente error. Suerte!

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Flarfwas So sorry to hear that you got wrong items, pls contact After checking, they would help you solve it.

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Q: how to fly it without a remote

Asked by BG381292038 on 2020-11-30 01:35:03

lessio22 prendi l'aereo e portalo con te🤣🤣🤣

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Q: How to fix the rxloss problem?

Asked by BG154094937 on 2021-08-13 06:44:47

lessio22 le antenne rotte, devi sostituire le antenne, sono le ipex 4 FRSKY

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lessio22 il cavo con due connettori femmine serve solo per aggiornare. allora cavo per aggiornare quello giallo va alla s.port ed è giusto, mentre se ti serve per s.bus devi usare l'atro cavo che hai in dotazione. Un cavo serve per aggiornare mentre l'altro devi collegare alla FC che poi va alla rx. riassunto: il cavo con tre fili (giallo,rosso,nero) serve solo per aggiornare mentre l'altro va montato a bordo del drone.

2022-04-20 04:14:39 Helpful (0)
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Q: Is it the right cable for R-XSR and Taranis X9 lite S??

Asked by jorcor on 2020-09-14 08:29:50

lessio22 devi invertire il rosso con quello nero. nel connettore nero che va sulla radio

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