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Laurence yes it will, you have a 3,7 volt battery X 2 LiPO my guess its 1000ma, it comes with a charger that charges the unit, so they should supply a plug pack that's 110V for the USA

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Laurence 12/02/2020
Very Fast delivery, but box arrived you could see it was an Amplifier. well packed inside Power Plug was US style and was supplied with a Adaptor to use in Australia Manual, lack of information, hard to follow but amp is easy to set up and Use, other than how to store Favorited Radio stations ! NO AM radio just FM AUX input, there are 2 inputs, but they are connected together, so if you have the TV in to input 1 and something else in input 2 then you get both channels to Amp ! this is not good.... Remote Volume control turns sound up and down, but not the main Volume, you must set volume on amp then use the remote to adjust / mute.... FM Radio Scans for Station, at least 30 Channels found, but most are "white noise" radio works okay, resets to Channel 1 does not remember the station you were on when you go back to Radio, I can not work out how to store favourite station ( if you can) and you must remember where the station is and put in the Channel number in the remote. USB works okay, recognises the USB stick and starts to play Blue Tooth works okay I bought as a TV amp, so I could get better sound through the Hi-Fi and switch to my Digital Radio receiver when I was not watching TV. ( Have to use external switch for isolation) see note Sound is Okay plenty of Volume, and controls on amp give a choice of sound and extra "loudness" Shame about NO AM Radio as advertised and lack of separate AV inputs, ( as the 2 inputs on amp are not isolated !) Not bad for the price, NO Phono input so you will have to use a RIAA pre amp if you want to play records. Good basic unit
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