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Paul_E 56V(Out) @ 6 Amps(out) = 336 Watts. 336 Watts Divided by 12 Volts(input) = 28 Amps(input) at the input which is over the 15 Amp Limit. Think of the wattage as a content amount of power in and out. Note that I do not include any power losses in these values. Watts = Voltage * Current , to have the same wattage at a difference voltage you need to change the current. 12V(input) * 15 Amp(input) = 180 Watts, so to get the 336 Watts @ 56V(output) and 6 Amps(output) you would need to increase the input voltage to 22.4 Volts. I would suggest input votage @ 24Volts-26Volts and current would be around 14 Amps to reach the desired voltage and current output.

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Linh811 no such thing as warranty from anything bought from BG. they'll just ignore you or give you the run around....

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