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Q: does it have GPS?

Asked by Legowim on 2018-01-15 01:32:13

Mikie No mine did not have GPS, with all the other facilities it could cause a problem.

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Q: Does it need FCC licence in India?

Asked by Md Rowshan Alam on 2018-08-13 07:32:36

Legowim It's an legal communication device what doesn't require extra licenses

2019-06-12 08:04:17 Helpful (0)
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Legowim You can use it if you screw the antenna on and open the right app what is in the middle of the app grid

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Q: Is here GPS on because it is not included in the description

Asked by Legowim on 2018-01-16 02:06:46

Redolent no,because it's smartphone

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