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Riaan Wire pin number Colour Function Control parameter 1 Red&black RPM 2 Brown&red Engine light 12v negative control 3 Black Ignition 12v positive control 4 Light blue Right indicator 12v positive control 5 Dark blue Bright 12v positive control 6 Orange Left indicator 12v positive control 7 Red Permanent power 12v permanent 8 Blue&white Fuel level Resistance 9 Green Main earth Main earth 1 Green&red Neutral 12v negative control 2 Pink Gear 1 12v negative control 3 Red&blue Gear 2 12v negative control 4 Green&black Gear 3 12v negative control 5 Yellow&red Gear 4 12v negative control 6 Yellow&white Gear 5 12v negative control Loose gray Gray Gear 6 12v negative control 1 Red&white Speed sensor positive Voltage out 5V 2 Green Speed sensor negative Ground 3 Black&white Speed sensor signal Digital pulse Loose green&white Green&white Water temp sensor Resistance Loose brown Brown backlight 12v positive reduces brightness to 30% To set the clock hold button for 5 seconds The following is translated from the chinese instructions that came with the unit using google translate: to set the pulses for speedo: hold button before powering on, then power on and continue to hold the button until a set of menus appear. The first menu is wheel circumference in mm long hold for next menu item the second one seems to be the number of magnets on the wheel, from 1 to 12 the third me

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Riaan i used a variable voltage power source and input 21v to the board. there are 5 cells of 4.2v in series = 21v the board is labelled as to which cell goes where. the wires that are not on main + and - go in between two cells that are in series

Riaan 04/09/2020
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Q: Are these lenses AR coated? (Anti-Reflection coated)

Asked by Riaan on 2019-07-19 08:13:22

Eugene123 Nounfortunately not

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