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Q: Can I install Linux on it?

Asked by rmoriz on 2019-02-04 05:50:14

Cushie try booting Linux from a live USB stick and give it a try!

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Cushie Basic Functions translation by Cushie with the help of Google Power Switch Power on: press and hold the power button to power on; Shutdown: divided into active shutdown and automatic shutdown; Press and hold the power button to power off; After 2-10 minutes,if the speaker has no connection and no operation, the Bluetooth is automatically turned off. 3. After active shutdown, all speaker functions are turned off; 4. After the automatic shutdown, the main function of the speaker is turned off (BT, TF card / AUX / FM mode) Secondary function will not be affected (clock alarm 1 / alarm 2), short press the power button to wake up the speaker. Mode Switch 1.In the power-on state, without TF card inserted / AUX connection, the speaker enters after power-on Bluetooth pairing mode; 2.In the TF card or AUX connection state, the default is TF card mode or AUX mode, short press M key to switch modes; 3.In the corresponding mode, the LED display will show the corresponding mode; 4. Enter FM mode. FM white mode indicator is on. Save, press the up / down song button to select a channel after the channel search is completed, and press the /- button to adjust the volume. Radio frequency: 87.5 - 108MHz. Clock Time Setting 1. Clock time setting adjustment method: Power on the clock interface, long press the SET button The digit indicator flashes, long press or short press -/ to adjust the minutes time, then short press SET key, The hour time indicator flashes, long press or short press -/ key to adjust the hours. After adjusting, press and hold the SET key to confirm. 2. Adjustment and setting the alarm clock 1: Turn on the clock interface, short press the SET key, The icon indicator is bright, the interface displays the current alarm time, and then press and hold the SET Key, Minutes indicator flashes, long press or short press -/ key to adjust minutes, Short press the SET key again, the hours time indicator flashes, long press or short press -/ key t

Cushie 2019-11-20 08:20:22
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jiangrong8 Sorry, it seems that there is no a similar item in bronze, copper or brown colour. Maybe you can try this one.

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Cushie 2019-02-18 09:07:45
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