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Q: what the diameter shart size?

Asked by BG241922331 on 2021-04-09 01:35:10

Alfatech_Solutions What do you mean with "shart". This motor is a 1504S, for DJI Spark

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Alfatech_Solutions Eres ciego o qué? No leíste en la publicación que es solo el case? Que querías, por 5 euros el módulo multi protocolo completo? Vaya genio.

concepcionconcepcion 16/06/2020
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Q: é a versão 3?

Asked by BG379112217 on 2020-12-26 10:53:05

Alfatech_Solutions A minha foi a V2, com as terminações em azul e drivers tmc2208 mas com todas a correções da primeira versão.

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Q: Can I use this to print a face mask?

Asked by BG914322011 on 2020-11-21 02:43:39

Alfatech_Solutions Of course. You can print on PLA, PETG, ABS and even TPU

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