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Q: Huch much mAmpere has the included battery?

Asked by ctbonn on 2020-05-17 04:03:27

Wall flower 1200mAh

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ctbonn 30/07/2020
I ordered this item a month ago and it came relative quick for the circumstances. It was in a good quality box and so absolute secure for the transport. The watch is looking very smart, but it is very difficult to combine it with the phone through the app "Lefun Health". At first it would not want to adjust the time and date, than it lost more times the connection and retried again to connect. So it was necessary to restart the phone and also the watch. Concerning the battery: I charged it full within two and a half hours. During the trying procedure for combining it with the phone the battery gone down to 30% after one hour. After this I charged it again. Now it seems to hold longer. After the hole day it is about 80%. I ordered it for the reason because it is a combination of the older smart watches, which were able to be used as mobile phones for having conversation over the watch and also to write a message over it and also a part of the newer smart watches, which were able to have different data about health, sports etc. This watch combines both philosophies and can do both. Only the steps counter is counting although you are not moving!!! OK, not perfect, but you can accept for a hybrid smart watch like it. But on my oppinion the most relevant point was, that banggood offered it as a IP68 waterproof watch but it is only a IP67 lover level protection. So you can´t use it for swimming. But this was the main reason that I ordered it because exceptionaly that it combined both kinds of smart watches it was also IP68 waterproof. I informed banggood about this issue and demanded partly refund for this. About the watch, I can say, it is a good option for a good looking hybrid smart watch, when you are ok with the IP67 waterproofness. The price of about 20 US$ is on the roof of the possibilities of this watch. See also the pics for explanations of the text.
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ctbonn 15/11/2019
I ordered this item, because of his excellent appearance and collors and of course for the promises of the site, that it has an excellent sterep voice and good bases. Item I received has only chinese manual. I can´t use it for adjusting the device and it is necessary, because some functions are not self-describing at example, how to fix the radio-stations, how to change the clock from 12 to 24 hours, how to activate and adjust the wake up-clock, snooze etc. Also the pictured devices had a gloss surface, the sended device has only matt surface, which is from a poor quality (plastic). The describtion offers BASS, there is no bass, only high tones and the loudness is very soft for using it outside at example in the public pool. The sound is very unnatural and very tiny. Finally low price but also very low quality with problems in many fields. I suggest Banggood to inform the customers, that the device has not an english manual and how they can get one, maybe online, so that they will be able to use the device properly. Also it is necessary to inform, that the device has not glancy surface (excepting the mirrow front), because the pictures show the opposite. It is not enough to say, that the real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused brightness of your monitor and light brightness because glancy and matt are not influenced of this circumstance. Also a announcement about the Watt-power of the device would be more informativ than to say the device has mellow bass and clean and clear middle and high notes, because this is only a subjective feeling and not a measurement of possibilities. I expected refund for this item, because I am very disappointed, especially when I compare this speaker with other items I ordered from banggood, which had more better quality and power. Recommend only as clock for the bedroom and as wake up-clock. The tone is for this use enough!!! But for this price of 10 US$ I think it is too expensive.
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