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Q: Where to get the manual and a explosion draw to download?

Asked by SilverSurfer on 2019-05-23 01:09:09

Graz Youcan try to see if you find some stuff on the wl-toys website

2021-12-28 10:50:17 Helpful (0)
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Graz@BG145114050 Option 01 with Transmitter and reciverboard... for servo i bought this Id --> 1354091

Graz 29/12/2020
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Q: funciona para el sol c34?

Asked by BG197013234 on 2021-05-15 06:58:23

Graz I don` t know (don` t have C34)... for this low price you can try to buy, if not fit exactly you can try to adapt to your frame and your motor gear box.

2021-05-20 03:04:25 Helpful (0)
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