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RC_Odyessy_YT it is plenty fast out of the box and is a decent jumper. the only issue may be that it is quite small and does not have alot of clearance for tall grass or large stones sticks etc.

2021-05-16 05:57:09 (0)
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: can I get new tires for off-road?

BG331616421 2021-04-19 12:33:55

RC_Odyessy_YT any tire that will fit mini z mini q will fit. look for an oval or rectangular looking slot and you will be 👍

2021-04-19 01:11:17 (0)
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RC_Odyessy_YT everything you need is included the battery is inside the car. the charging cable plugs into the car and is USB on the other side.

2021-03-20 02:56:25 (0)
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RC_Odyessy_YT it will depend on where you are and what you want your battery to do.

2020-08-19 10:33:44 (0)
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RC_Odyessy_YT no mention of binding. when the company builds them they "BIND" the controller to the receiver in the car. the bound units will never bind to another until told specifically to do so with a unbinding spell that consists of specific button sequenced presses.

2020-08-07 09:54:53 (1)
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ratboycure yes there are many many upgreades one can make to this model, including motor and batgery. A really great resource for this car is a youtuber named beavers hobbies. he knows ot about these models and has some great videos about maintenance and modifications.

2020-05-13 11:07:02 (1)
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: does it work with the a959b 1/18?

isaiahscott904 2020-04-27 11:38:18

ratboycure short answer NO If that is a wltoys model I think the answer is no. I think it is on FHSS and wl toys has something different(not sure off hand) I know I just received my k989 from wl toys and ordered this transmitter and it will absolutely not work. I would still encourage you to order it with an esc and you should be good. maybe check your servo as well as it may ha e to be changed from a 5 to a 3 wire.

2020-04-27 11:50:16 (0)
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