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Loneman Absolutely true what the OP says, totally useless snake oil! If you're really dumb enough to buy & fit one of these then you're clearly not smart enough to operate the vehicle that you fit it to. Do the maths in respect to the airflow required for your engine at any given rpm, it's not difficult, you'll see that you've been conned if you bought one. A 1.0ltr engine running at 1,000rpm will "breathe" 1,000 litres of air per minute, a 2.0ltr engine running at 5krpm will require TEN THOUSAND LITRES of air per minute. This thing isn't even powered, (not that that would help) so all it is going to do is REDUCE the airflow. I'd say that BangGood should be ashamed for taking advantage of idiots, but then, if someone is so dumb as to believe these bogus claims then they deserve what they get. If ignorance is bliss, the people who buy this bull$h1t must be ecstatic.

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