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Q: is it good for reading? for an old man's eyes

Asked by akivafendel on 2019-11-09 03:09:59

IndigoIceAngel5 I guess it could work, if you don't mind being only a small distance from the reading material (think 4-6 inches or 10-15 cm). And when I move around too much I get a bit dizzy reading, because of the eye movement for reading is different than for small delicate work.

2022-02-24 01:07:06 Helpful (0)
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Q: How much is the tax?

Asked by BG181022166 on 2021-01-30 03:38:39

IndigoIceAngel5 I am not sure. I only had a $2.18 shipping fee, it did not say tax.

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Q: how many markers are?

Asked by BG538133217 on 2020-11-04 11:35:26

IndigoIceAngel5 I got the 40 pack

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