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Buechsenoeffner 2018-03-07 19:04:28
I thought the product will be a bit more stable. It is not meant a s a EDC tool for every day usage. It is more like a cheap gadget which can be helpful from case to case, but not on a regular basis. The black colour of this device is very loose - even when you look at it, it disappears (in some parts). Really! Additionally the appearance is quite different from the photos. Instead of a helpful black color for the letters on the golden tool there is a white/greyish color which makes it very hard to read. Good is the usage of 420 stainless steel, which is a knife steel, which has a good resistance against corrosion. I am quite unsure if the complete tool iscompletely made with 420 stainless steel. The part with the golden color is much harder and really behaves like 420 stainless stell. The bigger black part seem to be a complete different material, because is less hard and the risk of corrosion is much higher here. The rotary roulette design is a good idea, but not made very well - the mechanism is too loose. The small knife tool really is good and for example sharp enough to cut a small cable - or effortlessly a rope. The bottle opener works OK after finding out, how it works. Not too good - but OK and helpful to open bottles. The bycicle spoke tool is useless and quite a danger for your bike. The "small eyeglass screw driver" is just a bad joke and completely useless. There is no such eye glass which has so clumsy screws that this "tool" would work. The two phillips screw drivers are helpful and suprisingly work well. Tool 15 and Tool 17 work well, and some additional wrenches maybe, too. With 1,87 Euro i paid a bit too much, in my opinion. But, all in all this is a useful tool, because it is small, can be carried together with your keys and it will help you if you are in need of a phillips Screw driver, bottle opener and such. The idea of this tool is quite good, but there is room for improvements.
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Buechsenoeffner Thank you for your good review!

mswukr 2018-02-04 16:05:46
Быстрая доставка в Украину службой Meest Express, всего 14 дней от момента оплаты до доставки к подъезду. Картон коробки простой без претензий, слегка были примяты два угла (хоть и было обмотано двумя слоями тонкого пенополиэтилена), и немного протерт внешний черный пвх пакет, но на товаре внутри это никак не сказалось. Качество звука (чистота, басы в плане идеальности) на твердую 4. Громкости для комнаты хватает с запасом, для улицы тоже вполне прилично. В общем, это конечно не JBL, но за свою цену - идеальный вариант имхо. Исполнение колонки супер - выглядит стильно, в руке лежит приятно, ничего не люфтит, и вообще ощущение такого себе крепко сбитого моноблока. Если очень сильно придираться, то маловат ремешок (на руку ребенка или держать пальцами), и отсутствует зарядка (но, с другой стороны, это увеличило бы цену, а у каждого из нас и так, скорее всего, есть по несколько зарядок от разных гаджетов). На ремешке указано параметры заряда 5V, 0.5A - значит должно заряжаться одинаково хоть от компьютера, хоть от USB зарядки.
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Buechsenoeffner With a power consumption of 0,04 A it is quite impossible to offer 70 Lumen. 7 Lumen is MUCH more likely with this Emitter... ;-)

2018-02-23 02:33:50 Helpful (0)
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Buechsenoeffner Oh, and the price for the good quality: Is great. I recommend this product.

vmarunin 2016-06-28 10:34:29
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Q: How much time it takes to full charge for 3000mah with this charger.

Asked by Avinash Chipkar on 2018-01-29 11:01:48

Buechsenoeffner In case that the real capacity is 3.000 mAh (which is very seldom for non Samsung labeled batteries, really very seldom) you have to wait about 2 hour. Luckily most of the 186500 battery offers are plain fraud - so it takes maximum one hour for full charge (4,2 V)!!

2018-02-21 05:45:32 Helpful (1)
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Buechsenoeffner The real capacity is between 420 mAh and 1300 mAh. The seller will NEVER correct his wrong claims or do a measurement. Why? First reason: In China most of the people don't believe that truth is important. Selling by setting wrong expectations is important! Second reason: The KP of China has set a climate where nobody cares about the truth. Nobody speaks out. Nobody likes it.

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