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Gvibes83 well your unlucky 🐈‍⬛ for sure or you are in a very high electromagnetic place! with the pro controller I'm getting 800 meters without losing image ( and I love analog) since instead off freezing completely the image like digital drones do ,this one you can adjust the antena and getting better signal it's like a old tv antenna 📡 digital you get maximum quality or nothing! I love this drone and the fact the RTH is to the place I am with the controller and not the position the drone takes off and discovered the minimum satellites!

Nat 28/08/2017
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Gvibes83 hey if you are trying to fly indoor first to test the drone if you don't turn the gps off the motors turn on ,but you cannot take off...! Turn the gps off and you good to go!

BG839394216 19/08/2023
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Gvibes83 no ,it's 716 , already changed one .

2023-10-10 03:00:14 Helpful (1)
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Gvibes83 no the drone as small 716 motors.

2023-09-24 10:00:16 Helpful (1)
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Gvibes83 21/09/2023
Well I was disappointed at first because being my first single rotor chopter I don't was informed about the fact that is normal the heli appears have more weight to the right,but that is because the single rotor design flying Cw ,even with the tail rotor flying CCW it's not enough to stabilize since the main motor is a powerful brushed 1020 motor ! Now and since I take that off the equation off having something to do with the toilet bowl effect rotating left or going sideways to the left I have to actually loose the 4 screws that go to the cross shaft plate that then fix the four blades ,and for the people with same problem,don't put the screws off the blades too tight ,make them loose were you almost can blowing with your mouth and the blade goes forward ( that's how loose it wants to be) U think I manage to fix 90% off the toilet bowl effect,so I'm happy now ,the controller joysticks are so smooth and he's very fast and powerful! I was expecting the same brushed main motor like the eachine e129 with a 8.520 and a tail motor 615 ,but actually this one has a main motor 1020 and a tail 720 !!! that's 👍👍👍👍👍😃😃 Come with the two batteries that I bought with a good promotion in bangood site ,and flying fast and always rotating and normt stoping I get 13-14 minutes in both batterys ,so that's great ,they have 15 in the description and u believe iff I fly more slow or stuck in place it can actually give me 15 to 16 minutes. My first eachine product and I'm happy ,only the minor problem with the screws to tight, doing the toilet bowl effect,but that was a easy fix ,and I'm informing people about the issue , because it can help people that don't have experience with rc helicopters and drones.
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Gvibes83 well this was corrected if they used a vertical montes tail motor instead off one in the vertical position in the right??? or I'm wrong? it's my first helicopter with this mechanism ,but other helicopters I have the tail motor is vertical and this don't happen!!!

2023-09-20 08:35:14 Helpful (0)
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