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Q: sure this is 100% brushless motor?

Asked by Vijayindian on 2021-01-15 03:14:23

attistandard Hello Vijayindian! I received the drill today with careful packaging, intact and complete with 2 batteries and relatively soon. I asked for EU priority, so there was no customs clearance. The brushless motor is really attractive, which is equal to eternal life, that is, as long as the bearing lasts ... Plus, it’s really worth the price in action with the two batteries with work lights and an ergonomic, well-handled design with serious torque. Of course, I didn’t disassemble the drill, but I started it. I found that when I sped up suddenly, lights appeared on the back ... which is not the case with an engine where the rotor is a permanent magnet. The stator coils operate with the rotating magnetic field, which means no brush and no sparks or light ... Attila Budapest (Hu)

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Q: it will work on tda7498

Asked by ashotkaushik on 2021-07-23 01:15:40

Vijayindian yes sure

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