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dayveeee it uses velcro... It is sewn, on 1st third or in length (As if folded into 3rds) around the hook around the STRONG metaL HOOK, then that 1st third after being sewn around the hook has velcro on the outside then the 1st 3rd connects to the velcro on the other last 3rd.. that velcro is in the inside of the last third it can be used on tactical jackets belt loops all sorts of thing I DON'T KNOW THE WEIGHT LIMIT

2019-12-12 02:14:45 (0)
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dayveeee 10/07/2019
The Tv box is great, at the price I got...It will make you Audio Bluetooth you can add Google play music and have the audio sent to your Bluetooth headphones or ear buds...I THOUGHT THAY MADE IT A GOOD BUY, but it added Tubi Tv(a Free Tv app), a World Radio App, I can now use *ALL CAST* receiver app in the tv and a the Other ALL CAST APP IN MY PHONE TO CAST PHOTOS TO THE T.V. I did rhink I should add a newer Bluetooth device scanner because right out of the box it didn't find my devices as quickly. It didn't play Google movies (the Google movie app is *not yet* compatible with the tv box, some tv apps aren't computable with the box but will still work but are hard to scroll with the remote control ) BUT I HOPE THEY WILL UPDATE THAT OTHER TV APPS AND GAMES..(Haven't found any games I like that are compatible with the tv box) I DIDN'T WORRY ABOUT MY GOOGLE VIDEOS NOT PLAYING BECAUSE I CAN FIND THOSE GOOGLE MOVIES AND TV SHOWS IN MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT IN THE **PURCHASES**, I'M THINKING ABOUT LOOSING THE CABLE CHANNELS AND KEEPING JUST THE WIFI..I download tge Google drive app and can access my music and videos and i Downloaded Gmail and can read my e mails and I can write messages BUT I DON'T WANT TO TYPE ANY EMAILS UNTIL I GET A BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD/BLUETOOTH CONTROL. I CAN CHECK MY FACEBOOK MESSAGES AND WRITE MESSAGES THREW MESSENGER,I HAD PROBLEM GETTING AUDIO TO RECORD FROM MY BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES TO THE MESSENGER APP BUT IT'LL PROBABLY BE FINE LATER. AWESOME LIL GADGET and I added the TikTok apl and that app seemed to work but i didn't like using the mouse format ON THE REMOTE CONTROL TO OPERATE TIKTOK