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moon_watcher77 Boas. Comprei este modem tipo tiro no escuro a ver se é algo de jeito. Ainda está a funconar o que compraste? foi de fácil montagem? Não sou meio naba com estas coisas mas queria melhorar a minha internet se possível. Obrigada

Dinis 03/03/2021
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Q: Can 2 sabers be combined to form 1 saber?

Asked by philaw123 on 2022-01-30 07:09:29

moon_watcher77 yes. like the Darth Maul One bué you have to buy 2 light sabers and join tem. there's a piece in the end of the light saber that makes that work

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moon_watcher77 ir you put some folded tissue paper inside the part where the sound comes off, it will stop because it stops the vibration ;)

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