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Rafael When I bought this kit, the driveshafts were just press fit, but that's was long ago... Maybe WPL changed this and now are making it with screw, like in the C34 and C44.

2020-12-19 01:19:43 (0)
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Rafael Hi! Yes it fits. If you already have de driveshafts, probably the next thing you will need is the axle gears in metal, if yours are still plastic.

2020-11-17 09:11:38 (0)
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: Need link for battery esc controller thanks

BG362051211 2020-10-07 02:00:55


2020-10-07 07:45:38 (0)
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Rafael This is a single speed gearbox. It has a strong drag, but it does not have an autobrake.

2020-09-26 05:56:12 (0)
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