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o.nobuo Chinese is very smart... The battery comes with 10 x 1000mAh = 10.000 mAh !!! But this is valid only for 4.2V. The set is configured as 2 parallel and 5 series 2P5S = 21V and 2000mAh

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BG468835544 Got one too and NO JUMPER CABLE IS IN THE BAG, JPBOU. It looks like a decent unit but we can never find out since we never got shipped cables to actually jump a car with a dead battery.

2021-12-22 04:13:17 Helpful (2)
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Q: do you have any that will work with 120v?

Asked by Tom Matthews on 2021-10-26 06:40:46

The seller We will send you an adapter which according to your country

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Q: what does the “SOS” button do?

Asked by Tom Matthews on 2021-03-12 09:52:18

BG122344671 لا تشتري

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