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Q: Is there a coreless motor in this? Not brushless?

Asked by virsli68 on 2022-06-06 04:08:35

Nekrus0 It is coreless brushed motor.

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Q: What is the maximum size for micro-SD?

Asked by CharlesP on 2019-08-18 03:01:41

virsli68 This is an fpv racing drone! The camera is included to open the drone! 5.8 Ghertz fast data transfer! Not a photographic drone! no sd storage! In fpv glasses if you have a dvr! You need a micro sd card and it captures your flight! This Fpv flight is a great pleasure! This drone is there!

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Q: neste valor vem com bsteria.?

Asked by BG410515557 on 2022-04-09 02:02:58

virsli68 no battery!

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Q: Creo verificar si lo compré con la batería o sin la batería

Asked by BG123925172 on 2021-09-28 02:10:23

virsli68 These must work! I haven't bought a machine here yet that didn't work! Measure the battery with a multimeter! 21 was a lead? Save it! Measure it afterwards! if not 21 was! Then that's the problem, or a contact error! Blow the machine with compressed air. Or customer service!

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virsli68 szia! Én is megvettem,kifizettem! El sem küldték mert jol ügyesen felhasznàltam az cuponokat és juttatàsokat igy nem érte meg nekik

Sanyi 30/05/2022
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Q: Where can I buy another battery?

Asked by wozwasted on 2020-12-06 09:42:15

virsli68 If you're smart! Disassemble the factory battery or the drone! Disconnect JST connector! And any small size 2s battery is good for it! With JST connector! I can't find a battery in Banggod! Ebay en van akku !!! And all the parts !!

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Q: what battery do u use for it?

Asked by BG383315543 on 2021-10-07 01:57:03

virsli68 This can be plugged into any drone that has a 5 volt outlet! Or 5 volt tying options! There is an OSD through the flight controller!

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Q: Does the receiver has gyro function?

Asked by BG174550541 on 2022-05-23 04:22:55

virsli68 The receiver transmits the controller's instructions on the flight controller on 6 channels! The gyroscope is on top of the flight controller in the drone!

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virsli68 only fysky

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