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Q: Is it true that the 2600 batteries are too big for the battery strap

Asked by BG181688915 on 2021-11-22 08:43:27

BG101223145 Yes and no. If you try to use the 2600 mag batteries with the battery tray in the default setup then yes but if you adjust the battery tray and straps the batteries will fit and the strap will hold them in

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Q: max batterie size ?

Asked by BG923133812 on 2021-09-09 07:55:50

BG101223145 4s lipo if you don’t upgrade to a 150a esc then you can run 6s. Also the battery tray can handle a 5000mah battery size anything bigger and you’ll have to 3D print a bigger battery tray (plenty of room for a bigger one) or modify the one in the car

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Q: does this fit to zd racing 9104?

Asked by BG435502118 on 2021-10-23 02:14:34

BG101223145 I’m not really sure but check your manual that came with the car and it should have the replacement number for your steering rods.

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BG101223145 I own a kraton 6s v3 and the lower and upper arms are swappable. I don’t own a hyper sst but my buddy does and they are basically the same frame very similar. I bought this to throw a castle 8s sensored system in and push its limits and he survived a crash when hydroplaning on a wet road at 70mph. Granted the upper arm and steering rod broke when crashing into a rim at 70mph I consider that pretty strong. Kratons are great for bashing no doubt but their arms are weak. My xmaxx is the only rc I think is ready to bash out the box. My kraton I replaced the arms with rpm arms before bashing.

BG101223145 30/09/2021
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Q: Will this fit the pirates 3?

Asked by BG156455621 on 2021-08-25 10:14:17

BG101223145 Fits the 9021 v3 truggy

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Q: Can this be used on grass?

Asked by Eimal on 2021-10-09 05:15:39

BG101223145 Yes you can but the tires don’t grip very well in grass. I run it with 12th scale tires to get more ground clearance plus better grip.

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