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als4912 23/02/2020
It looks like a quality thing. Thought it would be a little bigger than the Skillhunt H03. In fact, it turned out to be unexpectedly large and heavy. Photos do not fully convey this. With a 18650 cell and headlamp band, it weighs more than 200g. Small and bright hotspot. Anduril UI turned out to be quite convenient. The charging current that I saw was more than 1.9 A, but then it began to gradually decrease. The built-in voltmeter underestimates the reading by 0.2 V (does not affect the charging). There is a strong magnet in the tail. На вид сделан качественно. Думал, будет чуть больше, чем Skillhunt H03. На самом деле оказался неожиданно большой и тяжёлый. Фотографии не передают этого в полной мере. С аккумулятором 18650 и налобным креплением весит больше 200 грамм. Маленький и яркий хотспот: хорошо светить вдаль, для ближних работ - не очень. Anduril UI оказался довольно удобным: хотя в нём много режимов, организованы они так, что не мешают основным функциям. Зарядный ток с наполовину заряженным аккумулятором сразу после подключения составил более 1.9 А, но тут же начал плавно снижаться. Встроенный измеритель напряжения врёт - занижает показания на 0.2 В (на процессе заряда это не сказывается). В хвосте - сильный магнит. Хорошо держит, когда фонарь висит вверх ногами, но на вертикальных поверхностях фонарь сползает под собственным весом.
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als4912 19/12/2020
The item arrived slightly damaged. The SD-card slot and the metal shield on the main board are deformed. Fortunately, the screen is not broken, but there are problems with the touch-screen: it does not work reliably, the calibration does not help (it is not even always possible to complete it). So I think the touchscreen may have been damaged in transit too. The store needs to pack the goods more carefully! I am amazed at how you can save a few cents when shipping a hundred dollar item. Except for the touchscreen, the device works fine. Installed firmware jamesshao8/portapack-havoc-modified revision be45cf6. Упаковано тяп-ляп, пришло слегка повреждённым: помят разъём карты памяти и немного деформирован экран на основной плате (легко можно снять и поправить). Каким-то чудом не разбили экран, а то было бы совсем печально. Надо лучше паковать товар! Тачскрин дико тупит, калибровка не помогает (даже не всегда удаётся её пройти). Возможно, его тоже придавили при пересылке. В остальном, всё работает. Собрано аккуратно. Прошивка установлена мод Havoc от китайца jamesshao8. Неплохо за эти деньги, год назад за ту же сумму можно было взять только HackRF в корпусе.
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Q: Is this device supported by Linux?

Asked by tomhanax on 2020-11-16 01:57:42

als4912 Yes, but make sure that you are using the newer kernel. A workaround has recently been implemented for MS2109 chip to support capturing audio in stereo mode. Ubuntu 20.04 already includes this patch.

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als4912 It doesn't support USB 3.0. The manufacturer used a blue connector to make you think it is USB 3.0, although in fact it is a regular USB 2.0, it has only 4 pins. And the speed of USB 2.0 is enough to pass the captured stream compressed in MJPEG. The claimed 1080p@60Hz mode is not actually supported. If you try to use this mode, you will actually get 1080p@30Hz, and extra frames will come empty, without data.

KC8KVA 10/11/2020
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als4912 13/12/2019
Nice thin and lightweight laptop. But my device had problems with the keyboard: 4 buttons stuck in the pressed state ("8", "9", "0" and "-"). I fixed it myself, without contacting the store’s support, but, doing this, broke one of the buttons. Another problem is that the labels on the buttons are white on a grey background. With the backlight turned off, they are very poorly visible. The space bar must be pressed in the center, not at the edge, otherwise it may not work. And the most annoying thing: the F1-F12 buttons work for their intended purpose only with the Fn button pressed. I did not find a way to change this behavior. As a programmer, I use these buttons quite often, and regularly mistakenly change volume, brightness, etc. due to the fact that I forgot to press Fn. So the keyboard is the weakest point in this model. It can only be praised for the presence of a separate Ins key and that the power button has been moved outside the keyboard. Wi-Fi is not too sensitive. I was not able to get a stable 5 GHz connection where the phone and tablet still worked fine. Otherwise, I have nothing to complain about. It works well. The charge lasts for a long time. Performance is enough for undemanding tasks. It has preinstalled licensed Windows 10 Pro, but I tried to run Ubuntu from USB, and it worked too. You can get HDMI output from Type C port using the appropriate adapter. Tried with UGREEN hub, and it works. Didn't check the ability to charge via PD, since I do not have a PD-enabled power supply.
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