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Panozlamoz After six days of using the tablet, ghost touches appeared on the screen and I started be disappointed with the product.And on the 3rd the videos on Facebook and Instagram stopped working, after , turning off the device the videos working again but that's not a solution.So I'm going for refound, that's so sad ..

Panozlamoz 19/05/2023
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Q: is it possible to send faster? like DHL?

Asked by BG391681614 on 2023-04-08 03:24:23

Panozlamoz No i don't think so

2023-05-06 04:17:47 Helpful (0)
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Q: idioma português?

Asked by BG565283151 on 2020-07-03 08:23:28

Panozlamoz yes its global

2023-01-10 02:31:50 Helpful (0)
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Q: Come si attiva Always display on?

Asked by giugagli on 2022-12-30 05:10:49

Panozlamoz Go to display menu and then choose always on display

2023-01-01 08:32:26 Helpful (0)
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Panozlamoz Global means that it works with more LTE frequency bands than the Chinese version,it supports global updates,not Chinese e.t.c

2022-12-06 02:00:42 Helpful (0)
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